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Recent Ice Storm in NJ by Barbara Dexter

Recent Ice Storm in NJ by Barbara Dexter

I took these photos of the effects of the recent ice storm in New Jersey.  The layer of ice and snow creates a beautiful effect on the scenery that has no equal.





The trees are coated with a white, shiny layer of ice and snow. This shows how wonderful mother nature can be even in the suburbs of New Jersey.  It was a blustery, cold day on this particular day. Not to mention it was very slippery outside. I generally find it is best to wait until the roads are salted before venturing out after an ice storm. When you so, dress appropriately so you have plenty of time to see the scenery before getting too cold.

My Day Off During a Snowstorm in Jersey by Barbara Dexter






I have a day off for a relaxing morning swim and to attend physical therapy.  I also happens to be the day the heavens opened up and blessed us with a covering of snow. We had rain, then sleet, and finally snow. I was able to get around for the most part. Since I spent a large portion of my life in New England, a little snow doesn’t bother me. I think it is pretty. There is a nice white coating on everything. I am looking forward to a day of cross country skiing on the trails in Jersey after my leg heals. Right now it is swimming and stretching to gain mobility and relieve pain.