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My Walk through the Sussex County Sunflower Maze by Barbara Dexter



My Walk through the Sussex County Sunflower Maze

by Barbara Dexter

Today is warm and humid day with a high chance of afternoon thunderstorms. I chose today to go wandering through the sunflower maze in Sussex County.  I was amazed at how extensive the maze was. I am told it occupies about 84 acres.  The flowers are at about peak right now. I am told they will be at peak for about 2 weeks. So I decided to share my photos in case other people were interested in going here. The admission was $ 10 for adults and less for children.

Upon entrance to the field you are given a map of the maze.  So in a sense it is not a true maze. People don’t get lost. It is very scenic and you can get up close to the flowers.



20140901_113351  20140901_113502 20140901_113400




This is a great place to bring children, as they can search their way through the maze and also look for special objects. The lion above being just one of them.





The american flag was placed at the highest point on the field. There really was a great vantage point from near the flag. The whole field can be seen. It makes a lovely photo.


There is an old barn with silos at one corner of the field.

20140901_115512 20140901_115357 20140901_115312

This photo shows the path through the maze is generous in width.  This makes it easy to get around folks that have stopped for photos.

20140901_115251 20140901_115244 20140901_114956 20140901_114841

The rows are perfectly lined up and the blossoms have the characteristic bend near their tops.

20140901_114748 20140901_114634

The view from near the flag.20140901_114608 20140901_114605


The website is www.sussexcountysunflowermaze.com

I hope you get a chance to see the sussex county sunflower maze in person.

My Bicycle Ride at Duke’s Farm in Sussex County.

My Bicycle Ride at Duke’s Farm in Sussex County by Barbara Dexter

As the rain continues to come down, I am remembering the bicycle tour I had at Duke’s Farm in Sussex County yesterday.  The farm encompasses about 2700 acres of land. It has it’s own power that is generated from a “sun farm”. A system of photovoltaic cells that harness power from the sun. They offer many environmentally friendly or green educational programs. The vehicles the farm uses are all powered by electricity.

Enough of that and ow to the pictures. The scenery is incredible.


The right side of the welcome center.
The entrance to the welcome center.
The left side of the welcome center.
A sign for the bike share program.
The coach barn and clock tower.
One of the coaches.
The Duke family car.
Inside the coach barn.
The bull statue that stands outside the coach barn.
As close s I could get on a bicycle to the Duke family house. It has restricted access due to the state of disrepair.
The old mansion foundation.
Part of the landscaping near the foundation.
A water fountain near the foundation.
The sign depicts what the proposed mansion would look like.
This photo and the next two are of the lawn meadow.



The greenhouse where the orchids are raised.
The next few photos are of orchids and plants seen in the green house.

20140830_115751 20140830_120713 20140830_120521 20140830_120512 20140830_120450 20140830_120406 20140830_120259 20140830_120248 20140830_120227 20140830_120155 20140830_120130 20140830_120104 20140830_120051 20140830_120038 20140830_120001


20140830_120744 20140830_120834

The plants are incredible considering it is off season.

20140830_122919 20140830_123159

A beautiful waterfall and lake. The waterfall is turned on twice a day. You can see there is an algae problem in the lake. Well at least something grows there, I guess.

Can you believe how perfect this tree looks for climbing. Of course, there is a sign asking people not to climb the trees.
This photo was taken at the pet cemetery.

I thought the cat should have at least been given a name. I think I will take it upon myself to call him Tuck. The first three letters stand for the unknown cat.

A sign for the environmentally friendly “jiffy john.”
There is a lovely statue garden in the remnants of the hay barn.
A beautiful old tree.
The sycamore trees lining a portion of the bike path.
A scenic portion of the lake taken from the bike path.
I’m not quite sure what this statue is depicting.

There are all sorts of animals depicted at the base of the statue. The statue can be seen near the hay barn.

Taken near the welcome center.

There is a farmer’s market that sells the crops produced at the farm just beyond the banners. I personally like the owl banner.

The farm was fairly easy to access as it is located off route 206. Route 206 connects with Route 202 and then route 287. If you can find your way to route 287, you are almost there.