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My Walk through the Sussex County Sunflower Maze by Barbara Dexter



My Walk through the Sussex County Sunflower Maze

by Barbara Dexter

Today is warm and humid day with a high chance of afternoon thunderstorms. I chose today to go wandering through the sunflower maze in Sussex County.  I was amazed at how extensive the maze was. I am told it occupies about 84 acres.  The flowers are at about peak right now. I am told they will be at peak for about 2 weeks. So I decided to share my photos in case other people were interested in going here. The admission was $ 10 for adults and less for children.

Upon entrance to the field you are given a map of the maze.  So in a sense it is not a true maze. People don’t get lost. It is very scenic and you can get up close to the flowers.



20140901_113351  20140901_113502 20140901_113400




This is a great place to bring children, as they can search their way through the maze and also look for special objects. The lion above being just one of them.





The american flag was placed at the highest point on the field. There really was a great vantage point from near the flag. The whole field can be seen. It makes a lovely photo.


There is an old barn with silos at one corner of the field.

20140901_115512 20140901_115357 20140901_115312

This photo shows the path through the maze is generous in width.  This makes it easy to get around folks that have stopped for photos.

20140901_115251 20140901_115244 20140901_114956 20140901_114841

The rows are perfectly lined up and the blossoms have the characteristic bend near their tops.

20140901_114748 20140901_114634

The view from near the flag.20140901_114608 20140901_114605


The website is www.sussexcountysunflowermaze.com

I hope you get a chance to see the sussex county sunflower maze in person.