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Me and My Radio

My and My Radio by Barbara Dexter

My car radio is a wonderful accompaniment to driving on Route 280 East at rush hour. As people rush past only mere inches from my front bumper or cut into my lane in a sideswiping motion, my radio plays. I particularly enjoy the country songs “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” and “I Want to Talk About Me.” Somehow the little volume button miraculously adjusts to a higher volume as the traffic snare ensues. I’ve given up upon following the merge to the right that eventually leads me to the most convenient exit. Instead I find myself at the opposite side of the road wandering through the west side of Newark, past NJIT and eventually endingup in my parking lot near the Prudential Center. Many mornings I am early and have time to enjoy one last song before I begin my workday. Yes, my music has elicited stares from passerbys and fellow lot parkers, but it is always with me.