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My Bike Trip Along the Paulinskill Valley Trail Near Hackettstown

by Barbara Dexter

My awesome adventure to discover the  entrance or trail head for the Paulinskill Valley Trail began early one Saturday morning in late May. I attempted to obtain directions from the free app on my cell phone. I was hoping to find the part of the trail that ran alongside a lake. I was talking with a fellow biker and had received the recommendation. Now to try and locate the area.  I travel along route 280 west. Then route 287 north to route 10 west for a brief period before continuing onto route 46 west. I somehow find my way to route 517 north. Then I follow a string of back country roads until the cell phone apps exclaims,” you have arrived” and “your destination is on the left.” Apparently, according to the app anyway, I should park my vehicle in the middle of the road and cut across some farmer’s field. I made my way down Fredon Marksboro Road and on to Stillwater Station Road. I cfoollowed Stillwater Station Road until It continued into Stillwater Road. From Stillwater Road I turned onto Fredon Road. From there I turned onto Wall Street and then Old Staion Road.  I had arrived. Yes, I was a mere 200 feet from my original stopping point.

The trail was hard packed in places.
The sunlight was shining through the trees and onto the pathway.
A former railroad trestle.
A lovely creek.
Section of the trail that were partially washed out from the heavy rain.

As I was riding along, avoiding the patties left by horses, and through the mud and muck, I thought of a country song. I believe the lyrics were “I love you and I want to check you for ticks.”

A hard packed section of the trail.
My bike complete with “old lady seat” and a fresh layer of mud.
Horse horse patties provided adequate fertilizer for the blossoming buttercups.