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Cherry Blossom Festival at Branch brook Park by Barbara Dexter

Cherry Blossom Festival at Branch brook Park by Barbara Dexter

The cherry blossoms are right about at peak, as of last evening.  Hopefully today’s rain didn’t have too much of an effect on the blossoms.  The Cherry Blossom Festival is in Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ. Simply drive along Branch Brook Parkway and see the blossoms without having to walk. I prefer to take a stroll among the blooms.

Beautiful pink blooms


A large cherry tree with white blooms.


Drive along Branch Brook Parkway

Many people take photos of themselves, or “selfies” if you like, near the beautiful blooms. Although yesterday was cold and breezy, it was very relaxing to stroll in the park. This park is in an urban area, that doesn’t see many tourists, unless the trees are in bloom. The county has set up an information booth and rest area in accommodation.

My Lunch Break in Newark

by Barbara Dexter

It was an ordinary day. I thought I would go for a walk in hopes of tracking down an ever elusive working cell phone battery. Since there are a few electronics and cell phone re-stores, I did not think this would be a problem. I must note I previously ordered on online and discovered it no longer worked after it was too late to get a refund. Since my cell phone carrier has stopped selling a replacement battery for my phone, I am left with the “mom and pop stands.” I was able to”try out” a battery after explaining my predicament to the sales clerk. I leave with an extra working battery, but for more money than I would have paid online.  Well I figure at least I know it works for the time being and I can bring it back to the sales clerk.  (At least I hope so.)

I continue on my walk to discover all that the shopping area has to offer. The following items I thought to be strange. Each was strange in its own way.

A platform gellie.


A backpack that was crossed with a dinosaur.


Check out the green one.


Happy faces.