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My Trip to Maine by Barbara Dexter

My Trip to Maine by Barbara Dexter

Well here I am hours on the road, driving and seeing nothing but pine trees. I have reached the end of the world. The cell phone has no signal, there is no internet service (well unless you drive back into civilization). I chose to do just that so I could post this to my readers.  It is very cool during the day and first thing in the morning and just before dinner the black flies emerge. I am trying a new patch to ward off the black flies. I don’t know if it works. I know what definately works to ward them off is snow. Yes, I mentioned the four letter word S.N.O.W. I have arrived at prime apple picking time. The old trees in the orchard are loaded with them.

The country can be very rugged at times. You’ll notice some pictures of the path through the forest. I had a lovely hike over twigs, stumps, and roots some covered or partially covered by leaves. There was an old stream bed that was nice to walk in, because it was clear.

There are fabulous country views along the back country roads of RT 154 and 152. As well as a dose of civilization with a country church, grange hall, and a public library that was built in the 1800’s. The calico cat is my companion while at the library. He is such a friendly fellow.

Harvest time is a great time to enjoy the back country of Maine. It is both scenic and welcoming. Where else can you enjoy fresh produce while sipping on some Boone’s Farm Wine? 20140917_14122720140918_15143320140918_15273820140918_15274020140918_15344020140918_15383220140918_15404320140919_11535720140919_11540420140919_11541520140919_12065320140919_12353420140919_12380920140919_12355620140919_12361420140919_12402920140919_12410720140919_12461320140919_12462020140919_12463820140919_12363820140919_121048