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My Kayaking Adventure at Lake Aeroflex

by Barbara Dexter

It was a good day. It started out as a questionable weather day. There were flash flood warning cell phone alerts. It was supposed to rain all day. By nine am our event host was to issue the yeah or neigh for the day. Well we heard the all go, except we would not be picnicking before our launch due to the lousy forecast. I carefully strapped the new kayak to the roof of my Subaru and did a last minute safety check. I stashed my extra set of clothes, a couple of granola bars, and my water in the car. I also made sure I had my paddle, water shoes, and my gloves. I was off. Out of my complex and into driving mode. I traveled west on route 280 to meet with route 80 west. I continued on route 80 west until the route 206 north exit. Not too far, but just far enough, was lake Aeroflex. Of course, at this point I proceeded to get lost. I drove about five miles past the lake. Yes, I do believe you almost have to know where this place is located to find it.  Of course the first thing I notice is the following sign warning me to behave myself.

This translates to ..I must behave myself.

Then the clean rest room is pointed out to me.

Yes, a clean rest room!


A beautiful tree in the picnic area.
Some lovely cattails at the edge of the lake.
Nice picnic area with tables and grills.


A view of the lake from the launch area. Yes, those are geese in the distance.
A better photo of the geese.

I think of my recreational kayak as a cross between a kayak and a canoe. It has stability,  maneuverability, and a large opening to get in and out.  It is a ten foot model, but the small length makes it easy to store and to carry if you have to portage any distance.

Here’s my kayak, ready to launch.

The following are taken from my kayak while on the lake.

A beautiful water lily.
Remnants of a beaver house.
Crystal clear water throughout the lake.

20140802_140613 20140802_140618


A double crested cormorant. Which was, I initially thought, identified as a double breasted co-moron. Then after some discussion I understood double crested cocomoron.
A great photo of a double crested cormorant as seen online via wikipedia.
The plane…The plane…

These are some photos of what I noticed on my trip back.

A beautiful victorian house that is used for the park service office.
The side view of the office.
Yep, you guessed it…more geese.