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My Bike Trip on the Heritage Rail Trail from Monroe to Goshen, NY and Back by Barbara Dexter

The sign depicting the start of the trail in Monroe, NY.

My Bike Trip on the Heritage Rail Trail from Monroe to Goshen, NY and Back by Barbara Dexter

This was a twenty mile trip from Monroe to Goshen, NY.  It was about a 50  mile drive for me to get to the trail. So once there I was determined to enjoy myself. The first rest stop was at an old cemetary that is said to haunted. The dates on the stones were from the 1800’s. It is just set off the trail a short distance, but if you were not looking you would never see it. That is due to its small size. It is here that i crashed my bike to avoid hitting the person that stopped without warning in front of me.  Yes it is only a mile or two from the start of the trail. After “licking my wounds for a short time”, I got back on my bike and continued the trip.

The trip continued through some trees and not far from civilization to the farmers market at the town of Chester, NY. I am told there is ice cream available nearby, though I didn’t personally partake in any. Chester has a lovely  old train station where the farmers market is held.

The bike trip continued onward to Goshen, NY. Where the rest stop was the Harness Racing Museum, located only a short distance from the trail. Here was the lunch or snack stop at the benches located near the track. There was a horse and carriage out practicing while we lunched. The museum is free of charge. They do have a donation bucket, if you are so inclined. Inside is the harness racing simulator, a must try at least once.

I surprised myself by making the full twenty mile journey after having crashed near the start. The trail is fairly flat and well maintained. It is good for beginners and advanced cyclists. I hope you get out and enjoy.

The trail is scenic and paved.
is the cemetery haunted? That is the rumor.
The track at the Harness Racing Museum in Goshen, NY.
This is one of several artistic drawings at the Harness Racing Museum.