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My Personal Quest for the Perfect Soda

My Personal Quest for the Perfect Soda by Barbara Dexter


Well now, recently Coca-Cola has embarked on a new ad campaign. For lack of better explanation, the soda bottles simply say “Share with ______.” The blank was filled in with both names of individuals as well as the generic family or friends.

I started looking for a bottle with my name on it, thinking to myself just how cool it would be to have my first name printed on my soda. Well perhaps Coca-Cola never anticipated the my geeky self would stand in front of the soda cooler, with the door open, searching each bottle for my name.

Then I realized that there are other people I could share a beverage with.  I decided I should pick a male name for my yet to be determined boyfriend. Well now I have shared a soda with Mark, Chris and Rob. None of which I am acquainted with. That is okay since I never know when I will be.

Just this morning I found myself thinking, I would like to locate names of people on soda bottles that have guided or helped me in some way at different times in my life. It would be very cool to sit down and share a beverage and a thank you.

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