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Drawing at Max’s on Main Street in Boonton by Barbara Dexter

Drawing at Max’s on Main Street in Boonton by Barbara Dexter

It was a rainy day that started out with my wondering how to occupy myself. I went to the gym to continue my stretches and exercises that were issued at physical therapy. Then I remembered I could join up with a group of people and draw. I had never been to Max’s but I must have driven past it at one time of another. The thought of an old brick firehouse that was converted to a restaurant and pub. They have live music and an awesome food specials. Of course, the first thing I wanted to know was where the pole went. I was told the firehouse was too old for a pole to be original to the building. Upstairs is and old jail and courthouse. Main Street has some beautiful shops that were decorated for the holiday season. Boonton has the look of a small town, but is still relatively close to the city.

Max’s on Main St.
A beautiful building in Christmas colors.
Check out the statue of the Mexican man that welcomes patrons in front of the Mexican restaurant.
Check out this artistic version of a holiday tree.


Cool gingerbread house in the bakery window.
Upstairs at Max’s.
Awesome stained glass.
Jail that is located upstairs at Max’s.


Coffee on Main St.
My drawing.


I enjoyed myself, drawing and talking at Max’s on Main Street. I was able to finish the drawing I will feature on my Christmas card this year. ¬†We were invited back to draw or hang out at any time.