Ringwood Botanical Gardens Revisited by Barbara Dexter

Ringwood Botanical Gardens Revisited by Barbara Dexter

It was a cold day today.  In fact the radio host on lite FM announced that everyone should stay inside unless they absolutely had to go out. Well I guess I had to go out. Call it a get away from home emergency, if you will. It was my appointed time to spend with mother nature and was there and grateful.

The field

The wind was whipping through my hair and my face was cold. But not for long.

The carriage road

As I skied down the gentle incline, my blood began to pump and I felt the heat throughout my body.


Breaking the trail

I was warmly dressed including long underwear and ski pants. My many layers helped me to warm up faster and to maintain my heat.


The snow angel in progress.

What would the day be without a little fun. Getting all snowy, even better.


The Snow Angel


The Oakland Diner

Down the road a bit, sits the Oakland Diner where we sat and had pleasant conversation, hot cocoa, and warm soup.




The artwork at the Oakland Diner was a fabulous touch after skiing at Ringwood Botanical Gardens.

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