Answers to Frequently asked questions

1) I use the WordPress 2014 theme.

2) I use web hosting hub to host my blog.  Click on the link in the blog for special pricing.   I have found them to be reasonably priced and reliable.

3) I write and review my

own work. The

pictures were taken by myself,  unless otherwise specified.  I have visited the destinations mentioned.

4) My advice for people that want to start a blog is to have an interesting subject and to keep writing.

5) I use Askimet for spam protection.

6) I suggest clicking on the full screen off you are having problems viewing the blog.  I have used internet explorer,  Google chrome,  and an android phone to view the blog without any problems.

7) I don’t have a lot of programming knowledge.  I am learning as I go.  My philosophy is to find a setup that works and stick with it.

8) I do not need guest writers right now.  I am just getting started and will reevaluate this decision at a later date.

9) Please understand that if your comment didn’t immediately get published.  I run a spam prevention program.  I take time to read comments.  I only want to keep a representative amount, this is too try and eliminate repetitive comments and to ensure the blog loads well.

10) I apologize for the multiple emails that were sent out with repetitive information. I hope I have fixed the issue.

3 thoughts on “Answers to Frequently asked questions”

  1. Hi Li… rbara,

    Congratulations on (the completion of) your first year of blogging (here)! Reading your fun/interesting entries has now made me want to get (back) into it…!


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