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“My Fantastic Dream”

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“Carrots as Children” a dream by Barbara Dexter

I appear as a man in three quarter length swim trunks. There is another person, a woman, following close behind me. The lake is absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining down on the clear blue water. We are far away from shore and I estimate the depth to be over ten feet. All of a sudden the water level was much lower and I am swimming in about three feet of water. There is something in the water with us. It is not human. I see two eyes emerge from the shallows. The lake has turned into a swamp. I start to freak. My swimming partner screams we have to save the children. I swim as fast as I can to the shore line. I reach the shore and turn around to catch one and then two carrots. I notice they have no green tops. I believe they must be as afraid as I am. She swims to the shore and scoops up the carrots. “That was some mighty fine swimming Michael” she said. It was then that I realized her name as I said “Thank you Linda.” Linda said “I see you have a friend”, while pointing to my leg. I looked down and said “Oh that is only Sally.” Of course Sally was in her usual position, clamped to my left leg. Yes Sally is an alligator. Strangely enough I walked with Linda and the carrots while dragging Sally without a care in the world.