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The Lady Adopts a Tramp by Barbara Dexter

The Lady Adopts a Tramp by Barbara Dexter

I have been told twice in the same day that the dog I adopted looks like the dog from the movie “Lady and the Tramp.” The tramp in the movie is a miniature schnauzer. I guess I will take advantage of that when sharing his photos. My little tramp is called Mortimer or just plain  Morty. When I think of Morty, I think of a little old man. One person told me a story of Morty the deli man from his childhood that used to pass out pickles to the children when they came in to get sandwiches with their families.  So I asked if Morty if he wanted to pass out pickles. He just looked at me like I had three heads. I guess he is right, it might take three heads to process that comment.

Morty is approximately 8 years old. It is a best guess. He came into rescue in dire need of help. He was one of the lucky ones that were found in time and helped by a local rescue group, Second Chance Rescue.

This is what Morty looked like when he first arrived at Second Chance Rescue.

mortimer4 (1)
Morty upon arrival at Second Chance Rescue 1.
Morty upon arrival at Second Chance Rescue 2.
Morty upon arrival at Second Chance Rescue 3.
Morty upon arrival at Second Chance Rescue 4.
Morty shortly after his arrival at my house. He is snoring on the couch.
Morty shortly after his arrival at my house. He is taking in the place and getting his bearings.
Morty on a walk around the grounds.
On our way to the dog park.
What is that I see?
The dog park.
Sights at the dog park.
Statue at the dog park.
Art at the dog park.
Meeting new friends at the dog park.
My fur is getting softer and I’m getting a belly.

Morty has had to get neutered at eight years old. As he had an enlarged prostate. That condition has now resolved. He had to get a bath and had his fur shaved due to the severe matting. The matting was so bad that he had a problem defecating. He also required extensive extraction of his teeth due to their rotten condition.

Surprisingly he has a sweet and calm temperament. He barks initially when meeting someone, when he is on a leash and then calms down.  I looked up his breed information and found this to be typical of the breed. He comes when called and loves to walk right next to me. He is a dream to walk on a leash. His lack of teeth has not slowed down his ability to eat. Of course it may be the home cooking he is getting. That is just a shameless plug for myself. He has to wear a wrap until his marking inside the house subsides. But he doesn’t seem to care. He is living the a life of comfort.

So you want your own little Mortimer or Morticia? Maybe you can not have one but can give a donation.

Second Chance Pet Adoption League
P.O. Box 221
Oak Ridge, NJ 07438
Adoptions Days EVERY Sunday
12:30 – 3pm  @
Animal Clinic of Morris Plains
3009 Route 10 East
Morris Plains (Denville on GPS), NJ
Please donate to help pay for medical care for our rescued dogs!  All donations are tax-deductible.  You can donate through PayPal on our  Thank you!