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Sights Along The Morris and Sussex Trail

by Barbara Dexter


A view from the parking area.

Another view from the parking area.
Those friendly reminder signs warning you to clean up after yourself.
The entrance sign for Kittatinny Valley State Park.
The trail entrance.
The warning yield or be run over sign.
The trail is packed gravel in this section.
More packed gravel and plenty of trees and fresh air.
My favorite sign. Warning me of the poisonous plants if I decide to go off the trail.
A sign marking the place of the Jersey Boys CAMP.
Part of the park trail that snakes past the lake.
More of the trail that runs past the lake.
A plane taxing near the lake.


Well I was tired and my body was still and aching after driving back to Jersey from Virginia. I decided I just needed to get out and enjoy the air and sunshine. I decided to try a trail that I had heard about when I was kayaking at Lake Aeroflex. I mapped out the directions using my google maps app.  I had a lovely journey over the hills and through the woods to arrive at gods country. I had no idea where I was, just how to get out of there. Finding the trail was a bit of pulling the map up from the internet via my android phone and seeing which roads came close to a bike trail. I realized I wasn’t too far from the trail, but to get there would take another five miles of driving the back country roads. Well I figured why not. I had never seen this area and usually I pick up something I had see previously, well that was my hope. As it turns out the trail entrance was just a couple of miles from Lake Aeroflex. I did not realize this until I was actually biking the trail that goes near the lake.  I ride along and ask some nice people the question-just where is the trail. I feel like a moron for not realizing where I was. I took the lake loop. Part of which was a steep hill, which I may avoid next time. For you advanced bikers, it was flat land. The hill was just enough to sap my limited supply of energy.  I made it back to the vehicle and relaxed for a couple of minutes. Then I realized, hey I drove all the was out here I might as well see all that there is to see. So I went about three miles down the Morris and Sussex Trail.  I will have to go back when I have more energy. The first hill and the slow incline of the trail along with my stiff and aching body held me back from a longer ride. I was able to do a respectable five mile ride altogether.