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Lemon scented always lemon scented…. a short rant by Barbara Dexter

I will never forget the smell of the lemon joy dishwashing liquid that my mother insisted was the best to clean both the dishes and the kitchen floor (well upon occasion). I say that it is “lemon, lemon, lemon always lemon.” How I will never forget the constant toiling over the never ending sink full of dishes my siblings, well never myself, would generate.  Laundry- yes lemon scented laundry detergent. Bathroom cleaner-yes lemon scented. As I write this I now understand why my younger sister would purposefully break dishes instead of washing them or maybe hide them behind the washing machine. Think lavender-not lemon- a scent that both relaxes, calms and may actually make doing chores enjoyable.

To his day I have not been able to break my mother of the lemon joy habit. She doesn’t  like the scent. I do believe she thinks nothing else can clean as well.

As I anticipate my trip home for the Thanksgiving holiday-I anticipate entering the lemon scented world. Could this mean that she is content with that continuous scent? I don’t know, I just want to open window.