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Lapland Lake Cross Country Skiing by Barbara Dexter

Lapland Lake Cross Country Skiing by Barbara Dexter

I ventured out to the Lapland Lake Cross Country Ski trails courtesy of Sue and Fred. It was a four hour drive from home that was filled with lively conversation. The cross country ski center has trails for all abilities. We started out on the green trails, or the easiest trails, because I wanted to ski on the lake and wanted to see a reindeer for the first time. Well we were also testing out my abilities after my recent biking accident, to be fair.  I was the slow one in the group, but it was perfectly ok since we were able to take in the scenery.

The green trail that runs on the lake.

For those of you that have never been to Lapland Lake, it is absolutely gorgeous. It is very quiet, with only the sound of your skis in the snow. The trails are well groomed, which makes it easier to navigate especially if you are not used to cutting your own trails or so called back country skiing. I found this to be a lovely feature. As I gain more skills, I think I will still appreciate the easier routes.

I was able to ski on an intermediate trail that had a nice gentle sloped downhill section and a gentle incline section. I also learned to corner better when going downhill, thanks to Sue. Tough I did not fall, I expect the occasional fall and dress for getting wet in the snow.

Like all good ski trails, there was a shop that offered trinkets, food, warm beverages, and you could sign up for some skiing lessons. Of course I learned of the lessons, well officially that is since I expected they would offer lessons, through a sign in the rest room. When I read it, I had to laugh.


I was a beautiful day, but as it can get cold since you are in the Adirondacks of New York State when you visit Lapland Lake, I caution you to dress appropriately.

Ringwood Botanical Gardens Cross Country Skiing by Barbara Dexter

Ringwood Botanical Gardens Cross Country Skiing by Barbara Dexter It started out as a questionable day, well weather wise. At home it was icy from our last bout of freezing rain. Though the road surface was clear and salted, I feared there would be a layer of ice on the snow. If you have ever fallen on ice, you know it is not pleasant. I said to myself, just go and see how it is. The botanical gardens are over a half hour away from home. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived to pillow soft snow that was perfect for skiing.

Greeter 1


Greeter 2


Lots soft snow.


The sun peaking through the trees.


A view from behind me after a short incline.


Look real hard and you will see a cottage through the trees.


The trail leads through the woods.


Beautiful creek

After skiing for some time, I was able to wander around the grounds and view the manor and grounds.

Manor as seen from the road.
Front of the manor.
A gorgeous tree rowing on the grounds.
Check out the stone work and leaded glass windows.

Here are additional views of the manor and grounds. 20150207_142237 20150207_142248 20150207_142327 20150207_142442 20150207_142450 20150207_142615 20150207_142608 20150207_142954 20150207_143026 20150207_142748

The carriage house.
Another view of the carriage house.
The road leading around the estate.

It was a lovely day for skiing today. The snow was perfect. The only sound that you hear when out on the trail is the sound of your skis on the snow. With the exception of your own voice, that is. If you are thinking of going out to Ringwood Botanical Gardens for a cross country ski visit, I would go soon to take advantage of the great conditions.