A View of the Night Sky in Jersey by Barbara Dexter

A View of the Night Sky in Jersey by Barbara Dexter


When I see this simple view of the night sky, the artist in me comes out. There is a beautiful contrast of the tree in black against the blues of the sky and the cloud layer. The combination of the light from the building and the dark green of the shrubs adds to the effect. This is Jersey at night. It can be a serene place.

Cherry Blossom Festival at Branch brook Park by Barbara Dexter

Cherry Blossom Festival at Branch brook Park by Barbara Dexter

The cherry blossoms are right about at peak, as of last evening.  Hopefully today’s rain didn’t have too much of an effect on the blossoms.  The Cherry Blossom Festival is in Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ. Simply drive along Branch Brook Parkway and see the blossoms without having to walk. I prefer to take a stroll among the blooms.

Beautiful pink blooms


A large cherry tree with white blooms.


Drive along Branch Brook Parkway

Many people take photos of themselves, or “selfies” if you like, near the beautiful blooms. Although yesterday was cold and breezy, it was very relaxing to stroll in the park. This park is in an urban area, that doesn’t see many tourists, unless the trees are in bloom. The county has set up an information booth and rest area in accommodation.

Spring Bicycle Ride on the Columbia Trail by Barbara Dexter

Spring Bicycle Ride on the Columbia Trail by Barbara Dexter

Well I set out for my inaugural bicycle ride down the Columbia Trail from Long Valley to Highbridge.  I wanted to test out my new bicycle seat. It was said to be very comfortable and not hit the backs of my legs when I stand up. Yes there is a split down the middle, which does seem unnerving to me. I assure you not part of me was trapped inside. It is surprisingly comfortable. I was able to go for about ten miles before my soup bones let me know it was there. This is not bad since I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. That means I had no additional padding from special spandex shorts for comfort. I will see how long it takes for me to become completely used to it.

New ergonomic bicycle seat
A view from the trail

This is one of the first views on the trail. I thought it to be very picturesque. It shows the beautiful and rural nature of living in the area.

The first bridge spanning the Raritan River , as you proceed from Long Valley to Highbridge.

The first bridge spanning the Raritan River is not very dramatic, but it is fully functional.

The clydesdale farm as seen from the trail.

While biking on the trail don’t be surprised if you encounter an extra large horse or two. They have use of the trail as well. They generally ride to one side and allow you to pass. They are very grand and beautiful creatures.

The second bridge on the trail.

The second bridge spans a section of Ken Lockwood Gorge. There are beautiful views of the river. Do pull your bicycle off to the side when you stop so that others may pass. This trail is wonderful because every so often there are benches to rest or simply enjoy your snack.

A view of the river from the trail.
Is it haunted or not?

This old building looks like it should be in a scene from a movie. At first glance it looks like there is a ghost inhabiting the vacant structure. I will let you be the judge of that.

A view of Ken Lockwood Gorge.

I took the long way and enjoyed the day. I took pictures as I traveled. I bicycled about 25 miles. You don’t need to do the whole trail at once. there are different parking areas along the route or simply start at one end of the Columbia Trail in Highbridge one day and maybe the other end on the next visit. Many people walk, run, or bicycle on this trail. If you bicycle it is best to have wide tires because it is mostly a crushed, compacted rock surface that is typical of a converted rail road bed. The Columbia trail is also open for cross country skiing in the winter time.

So you said; Brief Quotes from the Lab by Barbara Dexter

So you said; Brief Quotes from the Lab by Barbara Dexter

I’m glad you are leaving the building because co-workers don’t let co-workers work for free.

I let the dogs out.

I was a people person then people ruined it.

Jumping from an airplane without a parachute is a once in a lifetime experience. (Hotels.com)

I believe in that to a 50% uncertainty.

I feel like an animal in the zoo. When you work here you are under glass. I wonder if the parents are telling their children not to tap the glass because they might disturb the lab rat.

As he puts a hand over his heart, he states, I had an empty feeling right here. I didn’t know what it was until you walked into the room.

Never mind cooking, this is how you get a husband. You need a harpoon and some rope. Just pick a man from out on the street and harpoon him. I replied, so you are telling me I should hog tie some mystery man and make him mine? There is someone for everyone. I really believe that. The guys will be falling out of the trees to get to you when you least expect it.

Where ever I am that is where I have to be.

You need to put a bar of soap under your sheets to get rid of leg cramps.

You didn’t realize you were born in the year of the horse. You know 2014 was the year of the horse. That was your year. You are best matched with a dog, goat or a tiger but never a rat. You are such a lucky person said Mia. I replied, what do you mean by that, I had a bad year last year? Oh that is because you did not wear red panties or stockings. Every day you must wear red panties or stockings to ward off the evil spirits. That is why you didn’t have a good year stated Mia. I asked, what about wearing my red coat? Mia replied it doesn’t count because the fabric has to be close to your skin at your core, only panties or stockings will work. I am going to purchase 365 pairs of red panties for the next time the year of the horse comes up, I said. Then GQ said you go girl, Costco it up!