My Stay in Georgia by Barbara Dexter

My Stay in Georgia by Barbara Dexter

I awake at 4 am to be sure I have everything and I am alert enough for my trip.  I get a call from my taxi driver,  he states the house numbers only go up to 30 on my street and cannot find me.  I tell him to go up one street and that for some reason the street is divided.  I would have thought the company might have looked up my address on a map our maybe use GPS. I say to myself,  alright let it go as he is here on time.  I just think n out is lucky I bothered to check my phone because I always turn the volume off so i don’t have to heart it beep when a new message comes through. If I hadn’t of checked I may have lost my ride.

I’m now at Newark airport and unknown to me there are two entrances to terminal C. One entrance for the express,  business class, and first class.  The remaining entrance is for economy.  My driver asks me which entrance I need.  I think to myself I didn’t know we were segregating people by class at the entrance door.  He says if you don’t know out is probably economy.  So we proceeded to the economy entrance.  Yes,  he was right this was my entrance.

I bring my bag to the counter. Then I am told the bag doesn’t have a tag. I think to myself,  don’t say whay you are thinking he might lose your bag.  So I said would you tell me what I need to do,  please? His answer made me feel like I was five years old and got caught in the cookie jar.  I apparently had to go to a computer kiosk and log in my confirmation number and then pay for a tag for my bag.  I am thinking if I have to pay for the I privilege of taking a bag,  where is the customer service? Oh I think to myself,  that would be the benefit of flying first class- customer service.

I am boarding the plane.  I ask the flight attendant  where my seat is located by saying tell me am I all the way in the back of the plane?  He replied yes but you’ll be closer to me isn’t that wonderful.  I got a chuckle out of that one.  The flight was uneventful and v the landing was smooth.

I’m in the airport thinking about coffee and food when I spot these items.




Yes, I have arrived.

There are t-shirts instructing me to eat candy and look chocolate pumps.  I take the airtrain to the car rental lot. I get upgraded from economy to midsize and the car has a full tank of gas. My luck is improving.

I arrive at my lodging and check out my room and my new BFF.



Meet Miss Connie, yes she is a cat and fulltime P.R. manager at the Mileybright Farmhouse.

Springtime in Georgia is not as bad as I had envisioned.  In fact it has been very relaxing. Well all except for the fact that I have to take an exam. If has been raining but at home it is snowing and raining. I am told there is a very large indoor flea market.  I love to wind my way through them. I was originally thinking about a trip to Stone Mountain, for a hike but if it continues to rain you will find me at the flea market.

Winter as Seen Through a Window by Barbara Dexter



Winter as Seen Through a Window by Barbara Dexter

As I sit here reviewing a chapter on forensic tool markings, I take a moment to focus and reflect on my day. I look out the library window. Behold there is a massive tree which I believe to be a sycamore. It is dark and beautifully contrasted with the cloud covered sky. It is a true winter scene that reminds me of the beauty that surrounds me even in the dark days of winter.

Soon spring will come and there will be shades of green leaves covering the branches. Gone will be the minute detail of the branches.

Storm Clouds This Morning by Barbara Dexter

Storm Clouds This Morning by Barbara Dexter

I  put the recycling out through the garage this morning and noticed a large patch of ice just outside the garage door.  Well I placed the paper in it’s usual place not thinking of the person that has to pick out up,  and closed the door. I had just set two large bags of paper on top of the ice.  I thought to myself,  I don’t want to walk over the ice,  let me go out the front door to get my car started besides those guys have big, heavy,  trucks surely they have traction.

The view up in the sky was spectacular as I laid there for a moment to catch my breath.  Yes,  karma had struck me for putting the paper out on the ice.  But when it did, I sure got a nice photo of the storm clouds.