My Day Off During a Snowstorm in Jersey by Barbara Dexter






I have a day off for a relaxing morning swim and to attend physical therapy.  I also happens to be the day the heavens opened up and blessed us with a covering of snow. We had rain, then sleet, and finally snow. I was able to get around for the most part. Since I spent a large portion of my life in New England, a little snow doesn’t bother me. I think it is pretty. There is a nice white coating on everything. I am looking forward to a day of cross country skiing on the trails in Jersey after my leg heals. Right now it is swimming and stretching to gain mobility and relieve pain.

My Visit to the Common Ground Fair in Unity Maine by Barbara Dexter

A pyramid made from bike tire wheels near the entrance.
The sheep that will produce the fleece for my knitting.
More sheep.
Isn’t he pretty. He’s just posing for his photo. Hopefully I will get some yarn from his wool.
I enjoyed a lovely hay ride with this beautiful team.
Just don’t feed me carrots-I spit.
The puppeteer. All hand made puppets.


Check out this hubbard squash. There is enough flesh on this one enjoy for several meals.



What would a parade be without a little musical accompaniment.

The parade of vegetables complete with a minstrel.20140920_153340 20140920_153335

I enjoyed myself. I met many nice people while freezing in the long line for hot coffee.   Apparently coffee is all about the add-ons and the extra long preparation time.  I felt like I was in a line at Starbucks.

My highlights are meeting the sheep, llamas and alpacas. Of course I had to meet the angora bunnies as well. It was all I could do not to take one of those little cuties home with me.

The parade of vegetables was a special end to a long day outside in the cold wind.