“I Saw Bigfoot, I did, I did see Bigfoot”

The approaching storm seen through the trees.

I Saw Bigfoot, I did, I did see Bigfoot. by Barbara Dexter

It started out as an ordinary Sunday.  I assembled the clothing I would wear to church services.  I began my cleansing ritual and got dressed. On the way to church I stopped for a large coffee and a plain, sliced, and toasted multigrain bagel. It was my usual stop the “D’n D” near the zoo. There were children of eight to ten years old as far as the eye could see. The small parking lot was busy, but I found a spot so I didn’t think anything about it. I certainly didn’t think there would be any issues when I returned to my car. Well in typical Jersey fashion, a black Mercedes had parked illegally blocking both the egress to the additional parking around the back of the mini mall and partially blocking me in. It took me about eight tries to finally realize, the only way out was to back the wrong direction out of the space and into a handicap space to turn around so I wouldn’t be backing into oncoming traffic on the main road. I was finally free and clear. It was just another day in Jersey.

I have come to expect traffic and parking issues.  There are parking wars even at the church garage. Apparently the neighboring church’s parishioners take it upon themselves to park and even block in other cars in their continuing quest for free parking. We have now gone to a hang tag system, in hopes of identifying our own and singling out the continual string of violators.

Of course once you clear the parking lot and enter the chapel, the people are friendly and welcome you.  The music and service have been focusing upon the need to persevere with prayer both in frequency and duration.

The after service fellowship welcomed me to a nice hot coffee, a hearty bagel, and warm conversation. I was invited and decided to join in for an afternoon hike in West Milford at one of the parks near the New Jersey and New York state border. There was a lovely frozen lake complete with ice fishermen and cross country skiers. We ladies decided to walk the land route and leave the frozen lake to the men. Walking in the snow felt as if we were walking on beach sand, since the snow was so deep and packed down in places.  We quickly determined it was best to keep on the snowmobile trail since the heft of the vehicle packed down the snow. After the first couple of sinking experiences, packed snow was definitely the way to go.  Snow shoes were only a passing thought as we trudged onward.

It was then that Bigfoot emerged. Is it really human or is an ape? I think I see Bigfoot. I did, I did see Bigfoot. He was a large individual approximately seven feet tall and clothed in various shades of brown. There he was bending over with a fish in his hands. I was suitably impressed by his massiveness and how quick and nimble his hands were with the fish.  Next I saw the fishing trap get set and marker go up.

He had a lawn chair out in the middle of the lake. I saw him actually sit in it. I wondered out loud, just how he fit in the lawn chair. My friend, S., said “Barb what are you talking about”? I pointed and said “look there, no there do you see him, it is Bigfoot”? She laughed and said “the fisherman, that’s Bigfoot”? “Well of course it is”, I said, don’t you see the massive build and the varying shades of brown that make him look like he is covered in fur”? She laughed. I took photos. I swore the photos looked good when I took them. Then when I got home I looked again and you could barely make out the form of Bigfoot. It was like he had some influence over my camera. I did get a couple of good photos of his massive footprints.  I had the feeling I was stuck in the twilight zone, not sure if this was real or not.